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    What our customers say:

    Very passionate and enthusiastic barista who not only makes delicious coffee but was also flexible when we had to set another date! Always on time and reliable! Recommended

    SusanneThe Hague

    I regularly meet Mark at the countless events that take place in our great city. Mark takes the time to make you a really tasty coffee, while having a nice chat with you. A very sweet, fun Barista. Can highly recommend him for all your events!!!

    Daniëlle Berger BickThe Hague

    Recently hired Mark to provide coffee (and tea) at a trade fair. What a success!
    Delicious coffee and a very hospitable Barista;
    Safety First Coffee Second

    Dirk van BlijswijkThe Hague

    Coffee on Wheels makes the tastiest espressos, thank you very much for your positive efforts this morning at the Hague OndernemersHuis. Was Great!

    Gary Hartmann-HoudijkThe Hague

    Barista The Hague | Coffee on Wheels The Hague

    Hiring a barista is the way to provide your event with delicious organic coffee, creating moments of joy for your guests. At Coffee on Wheels The Hague, you can hire a welcoming barista along with a mobile coffee bar, Tuk Tuk Piaggio, for The Hague and its surrounding areas. With a mobile coffee bar and a hired barista, you achieve three benefits in one. You get a beautiful backdrop for your event, delicious coffee, and a skilled barista. You can hire a barista for all types of events, whether small or large, formal or informal, from brand promotion to networking events, corporate parties, trade shows, and conferences. Coffee on Wheels The Hague offers barista services for all occasions.

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    The importance of coffee at your event in The Hague

    Most people greatly enjoy coffee and regardless of whether your event is planned for the morning, evening, or even the entire day, maybe even spanning multiple days, having coffee is crucial. At any given time of the day, someone is likely to desire a delightful cup of coffee in The Hague. People’s preferences for their cup of coffee differ, sometimes even based on the time of day. Hiring a barista in The Hague allows you to cater to all those preferences. From espresso to cappuccino, latte to cortado, and flat white, our baristas can prepare it all for your guests.

    Skilled barista’s

    When you hire a barista in The Hague, you are choosing a trained expert in the field. The barista from Coffee on Wheels The Hague is knowledgeable about their craft and what the customer enjoys most. They are well-versed in various coffee types and can explain the differences in coffee beans. The coffee roasting process is also familiar to them. With this knowledge, they can prepare all types of coffee to perfection, and they know how to serve each coffee appropriately. That’s why you should hire a barista in The Hague.

    Quality coffee

    In addition to a skilled barista, we also provide high-quality coffee. The coffee beans we use to brew different coffee varieties are organically certified and of high quality, ensuring a great impression and delicious coffee. Only through a combination of a skilled barista and high-quality coffee beans can you guarantee a delightful cup of coffee, regardless of the type. Your guests will appreciate it, whether it’s a small-scale gathering or a large corporate event.

    Complete coffee experience

    To complete the ambiance of your event and enhance the coffee experience, choose the mobile coffee bar. This is an Italian Piaggio Tuk Tuk, with a vintage look that provides an authentic touch. With this appearance, a skilled barista, and quality coffee, you ensure a complete coffee experience during your event.

    The service of Coffee on Wheels The Hague

    That’s why you should hire a barista in The Hague. You can count on excellent coffee and satisfied guests when you engage the baristas of Coffee on Wheels The Hague to handle your coffee service during your event. With expertise, quality, and a unique presentation, you no longer need to worry about the coffee. It will be well taken care of and, moreover, it will taste delicious.


    koffiecatering Den HaagCOW Den Haag
    maart 28, 2022

    1 april bestaat Coffee on Wheels Den Haag 10 jaar!

    Het is bijna zover, 1 april bestaat Coffee on Wheels Den Haag 10 jaar! Een mijlpaal die we natuurlijk niet zomaar voorbij laten gaan. De afgelopen 10 jaar hebben we…